Ashes Urns and Caskets

Crematoria have “standard issue” containers, sometimes a sturdy cardboard box, sometimes a poly-plastic container, both of which we present in attractive velvet and hessian bags for your personal ashes dispersal or burial decisions, and we can offer suggestions for both.  We also have many choices for decorative ashes containers, many illustrated here.  Please ask us if you cannot find what you are looking for.

Remember you need permissions for scattering if not on your own land, or in rivers.

We have a special certificated package for family ashes dispersal on Southend Pier.

Cemeteries and churchyards all have individual requirements for the type of ashes container they will permit, but ashes can be interred without a container.

You may want to keep ashes for a period of time before deciding what to do, and choose a personalised container into which we will transfer ashes at no charge.

We have a beautiful range of ashes containers in stock, many illustrated on this page, and available same day or within a week.

Most urns have a capacity for one person’s ashes, so if you are looking for a double capacity please ask us for advice.