What happens to Ashes?

After each cremation there is a quantity of remains which are meticulously and individually processed by crematorium professionals.  The legally responsible person decides what will happen with them.  Often they are guided by what was specified in the deceased’s will.

What decides what happens with ashes?

People charged with the responsibility of deciding what happens with ashes are the executors of the deceased’s estate if there is a will, or the legal next of kin (using the heriditary line).  If there are disputes between people of legal status then civil courts have to decide between them, same if there was a dispute with funeral arrangements.

What do people do with ashes?

It’s a personal choice.  Here are some suggestions, all of which we can help with:

  • Scattered with permission on favourite open ground (including sports stadium land), inland water or sea.

  • Placed in a suitable container in a private home or garden.

  • Arrange to have scattered in the crematorium grounds either attended or unattended by family, usually at little or no fee if the same place where the cremation took place.

  • Arrange to have a plaque on a bench, rose bush or other monument in crematorium or other public grounds.

  • Arrange to have in a family grave or columbarium in a cemetery, churchyard or crematorium grounds, with a headstone inscription (each cemetery or crematorium grounds will have rules about what type of containers might be needed, if at all).

  • Some can be used in jewellery or keepsake containers.

  • Ashes can be split between family members.

  • Ashes can even be placed inside fireworks.

  • We can look after them for you at no charge for up to a year to give you time to decide.

How are my Loved One’s ashes given back to me?

All crematoria return ashes / cremated remains / cremains in functional cardboard or polythene containers.  We place these containers in our own pleasant hessian bags, unless you have chosen an alternative urn or casket.

We also have a wide selection of more decorative containers on display in each of our funeral homes, in addition to those in our own two page leaflet and the Atkinson’s brochure below.

Please ask us for advice if you can’t find what you are looking for.

We’ll also transfer ashes to any container for any customer at no extra charge.

Can ashes be delivered to me?

We can deliver to a legally responsible person within 5 miles of any of our funeral homes, by appointment.

Do I need to make an appointment to collect ashes from your offices? 

If you have asked us to collect ashes on your behalf, we will call to let you know when ashes are back in our care.  (You can elect to leave them at a crematorium, at the time of the funeral arrangement.) To save a wait, it is best to make an appointment to collect.  Please bring identification with you.  If you are not the legally responsible person, we’ll usually need written permission from them.

How long until ashes are ready for collection?

In an emergency, ashes can be ready same day or next day on request.  More usually they are with us within a few days, if the crematorium is close by to us.

How do I choose an urn or casket?

We have a beautiful range of ashes containers in stock, and available same day or within a week.

Please note most ashes containers have the capacity for one person’s ashes unless specified.  Please let us know if you are looking for either a keepsake container, or a container for two people’s ashes.  

Some of our favourite designs are contained in the leaflets below.  Please ask us for prices for any you are interested in.

Forever Urns Mini Brochure


Ashes Container Brochure 2017