Service Sheets and other stationery

What’s a service sheet for?

A order of service booklet is a helpful “programme” for mourners, and a fitting keepsake of the funeral day.  It outlines the list of who will introduce and speak each part of the service, in which order.

Who writes it?

The written content is usually put together in conjunction with the person leading the service i.e. a minister, non-religious celebrant, family member or friend acting as master or ceremonies.

What goes on the front page?

It can contain an illustration e.g. photograph or picture, with the name of the deceased, date, place and name of person leading the service.

What goes in the middle pages?

They usually list the headings of the service elements, and which person might be reading them –

e.g. (each not compulsory or exhaustive – it’s a collaboration)

* Entry Music * Welcome and Introduction * Religious/Philosophical Readings * Eulogy (Life Story) * Tributes (stories and anecdotes) * Hymn titles and sometimes the words * Poems and Prayers * Reflection Music * Time and place of Committal if elsewhere (sometimes marked with curtains closing if a cremation, or the time of a burial) * Committal Prayer or Poem * Closing Words * Final Farewell * Exit Music

What goes on the back page?

This can often can be a space for another photograph * details of any in memoriam charitable donations * thanks to particular people or organisations * invitation and address of funeral reception.

How many pages do there have to be?

Most service sheets we print comprise four pages (one piece of card with a middle fold) and more are sometimes needed if hymn or poem words are printed in full.

Do all funerals have service sheets?

Not all funerals, it’s a matter of family preference.  We’ve seen an increase in people asking us over the years.  How many need to be printed?  We print a minimum of 25 copies of four page booklets from £120, generally going up in amounts of £5 for each extra 25 (£125 for 50 copies, £130 for 75, £135 for 100).

Who prints them?

Families sometimes make their own using home computers.  Some churches offer printing with a donation towards costs.  We offer a very good professional quality at affordable prices, working with a specialist company.

How many should be printed? Many people will share a service sheet, and a rough guide is around two thirds the number of those you expect to attend, and a few extra for sending to people who couldn’t be at the service.  How do I get started? Let us and your minister/celebrant know you are having a printed order of service, and then email or bring to us the written list.  We’ll produce a typeset draft by the next day, and email or give it to you and your minister/celebrant for checking over before printing.

Who gives out the booklets?

We usually put the booklets on each chair before mourners come into a service chapel, and collect any left over to give to the chief mourner at the end of the service.

We have a printed brochure to give you more ideas

If there’s a particular type of illustration or theme you would like to have printed, just ask us.

What other funeral stationery is available?

We can also print personalised “Mourning Cards” for letting people know by post that a funeral is to take place, and Bookmarks, and Thank You Cards.  Prices and dimensions are contained in our brochure on request.

Harold Wood Brochure A5 (MARCH 2019)