Affordable Packages and Personalisations

Each package price is a guide, because each crematorium and every cemetery have different fees and choices. Many cemeteries have area resident special rates. Every church and temple have different facilities and charges.

It’s our job to help you decide the type of service you want if it’s not already planned.

Please also see our Pre-paid plans page for Golden Charter prices.

Children’s Funerals

We don’t charge funeral directors fees for children’s funerals for a hearse and a simple casket. Crematorium and cemetery fees vary but always reduced. Residency in RM and IG postcodes to qualify.

(Same applies for homicides.)

Weekday Cremations

Basic – Paid in advance, an unattended/direct cremation service where we can deliver cremated remains locally for family and friends to organise their own commemoration – From £1777 with cardboard coffin, or £1922 with simple coffin. Add £195 for chapel of rest.

The following packages include a celebrant/priest fees for one occasion, which is not compulsory, and a service at a crematorium * All fees are paid in advance unless there is confirmation of funding from a solicitor, bank, or insurer * If possible a one appointment viewing room is included, but an extra charge if embalming is required * Weekend services cost at least £900 more depending on the crematorium and how many of our colleagues we need *

Value – All essential elements of a funeral, 10am start, restricted choice of crematorium, meet us there – Around £2,895 or less

Simple – Simple and affordable, with all of the essentials included, 10am start, flexibility of crematorium, meet us there – Around £3,295 or less

Traditional – This arrangement includes an oak veneered coffin, one limousine and greater flexibility – Around £3,995

Exclusive – Our most comprehensive arrangement, including a routed oak veneered coffin and two limousines – Around £4,395

Burial Packages

*A Simple style package is estimated for, where we meet you at the cemetery with a service on site in a chapel, plus a simple coffin is included * Headstone purchase or additional wording extra, in the weeks after the service, if wanted * Existing headstone removal extra, if needed * Please ask us about other cemeteries’ costs, and other funeral package types *

Woodland Epping Greenacres Around £3190 plus minimum £1350 grave purchase. Wooden monuments possible instead of headstones. No residency requirement.

City of London Cemetery. London E12 Around £3910 plus minimum £1880 grave purchase if needed (unpurchased possible). No residency requirement

LB Havering Cemeteries including Upminster, Romford, Hornchurch. Resident rates around £3487 plus minimum £2027 grave purchase if needed (unpurchased possible).

LB Redbridge Cemeteries including Forest Park, Roding Lane, Barkingside. Residents rates around £3250 plus minimum £2060 grave purchase if needed.

LB Barking & Dagenham Cemeteries including Chadwell Heath, Eastbrookend, Rippleside. Resident rates around £3510 plus minimum £1887 grave purchase if needed.

Brentwood Borough Council Cemeteries including Woodman Road, London Road. Resident rates round £3129 plus minimum £997 grave purchase if needed.

Chigwell Cemetery Froghall Lane. Residents rates around £3030 plus £770 grave purchase if needed (unpurchased possible). Residency requirement within Chigwell and Grange Hill Wards of Epping Forest District Council.

Churchyard Burials as available for new plots – strict church parish residency or membership of church e.g. Chigwell St Mary’s, Havering-atte-Bower St John’s, Stapleford Abbots St Mary’s. Around £3,300, no grave purchase fees.