Expert advice for older headstones needing attention, and adding inscriptions to them

Graham Walker is our expert Headstone Consultant with 40 years experience in all aspect of stonemasonry.

If as part of a funeral arrangement with us we have a headstone in our care, we will be in touch within a few weeks to ask you if you would like a no-obligation quote to update and possibly renovate a headstone depending on its condition.

If we haven’t helped with a funeral arrangement, that’s no problem, we can still help.

Costs are based on the condition of the headstone, and/or the type of lettering, plus there is a permit fee payable to the cemetery which often depends on residency.

You have to be the grave owner to make the request, and we can provide advice on how to change grave ownership if the grave owner has passed away.

It’s helpful if you could email us a photograph of the headstone you’d like to add to or improve to

Please call Graham on 020 8501 1735 to make an appointment to visit him at Hainault & Chigwell Funeral Home, 45 New North Road, Hainault IG6 2UE, at the Maypole end of New North Road (there’s a phone box outside).  Parking is available with four wheels on the pavement at all times except 11.30am-12.30pm.