Bench next to a tree - Planning an Eco-Friendly Funeral

Planning an Eco-Friendly Funeral

Whether it’s for financial or ethical reasons, eco-friendly funerals are definitely on the rise. But what’s the best way to go about planning one yourself?

graveyard - Common Challenges When Organising a Funeral Service

Common Challenges When Organising a Funeral Service

There will come a time for everyone when they will have to organise their first funeral. Even if you have more experience, it’s likely that you’ll come across stumbling blocks on the way. What are some of the most common problems you may face and how can you fix them?

Ideas For Non-Traditional Funeral Services

If your loved one enjoyed the unique things in life, a non-traditional funeral service may be the perfect way to honour their memory. These days, a funeral service can look as unique and as non-traditional as you like.