Common Challenges When Organising a Funeral Service

There will come a time for everyone when they will have to organise their first funeral. Even if you have more experience, it’s likely that you’ll come across stumbling blocks on the way. What are some of the most common problems you may face and how can you fix them?

What Are The Responsibilities Of An Independent Funeral Director?

Funeral directors are indispensable to local communities, with local funeral homes acting as important figures throughout history. They behave as a friendly hand to hold, the people who will plan the details of your loved one’s funeral, as well as the person you will go to in order to get expert advice on your local […]

How Can We Mourn During a Pandemic

not a single one of us will be untouched by the effects of the coronavirus pandemic and what it has done for our capability to mourn, celebrate and remember.

Funerals After Coronavirus

Whatever the sacrifices we have had to make in order to give our loved ones some kind of farewell during this pandemic, it is not out of the question that funerals may look very different in the months and even years following the coronavirus pandemic.