Funerals can be a stressful and emotional time for anyone, especially when funeral costs are factored in. Family members that wish to create a send-off worthy of their loved ones often find themselves in financial difficulty.  

That’s why the appeal of prepaid funeral plans is becoming widely acknowledged, as individuals are conscious to relieve their family members of financial insecurity after they have passed away. 

When you’re thinking about something as important as your prepaid funeral services, it makes sense to talk directly to the experts.

We’re firm believers that there are no better prepaid funeral plan providers than local, family-run funeral directors like ourselves. We are local experts in both organising funerals and the care of your loved ones. A prepaid funeral plan provider who isn’t a funeral director, on the other hand, is a “middle-man” whose costs have to be factored in.

Harold Wood Funeral Services is a long-established company, and we are long-standing members of our trade association We provide only plans from

Our company welcomes new government investigations into the regulation of funeral plan administration. Golden Charter and its sister companies are beacons of good administration and transparency, and have served us well for many years.

Being independent ourselves we can give special offers, which give extra value to nationally set prices. Please call us on 0800 731 1855 to have a conversation with us, and find out the best rate we can give you for your needs.


We are a family-led business offering funeral services in Essex since 1958.

Please contact us at any of our four funeral homes, Harold Hill, Hainault, Harold Wood, Collier Row, for any queries, support or advice regarding the funeral planning process.