Depending on what material and finish you choose for your funeral headstone, it is likely it will need some form of care and renovation throughout its life. With 40 years experience in all aspects of stonemasonry – including the renovation process – our expert Stonemasonry Consultant Graham Walker can help.

If we have carried out a burial for your loved one, we will be in touch within a few weeks with a non-obligation quote for headstone work, to update and possibly renovate the headstone in the coming months and years. 

However, even if you are coming to us with an existing headstone where another funeral director has helped you previously, we are more than happy to help and discuss a quote.

What is the cost of a new inscription and renovation to an existing headstone?

Additional lettering plus the permit fee is usually priced under £500 total, with no VAT charged by our company.  Headstone repair, renovation costs and cleaning are based on the condition of the headstone, and/or the type of lettering. There is also a permit fee payable to the cemetery which often depends on residency. 

Do I have permission to request work to be done to an existing headstone?

You have to be the grave owner to make the request for additional inscription and any headstone repair and cleaning, and we can provide advice on how to change grave ownership if the grave owner has passed away. New lettering, cleaning and renovation is by quotation, and usually totalling under £500 with no VAT payable. No permit is needed for cleaning and renovation only.. 

Providing a photograph of the headstone

It’s helpful if you could email us a photograph of the headstone you’d like to add to or improve to

How to contact us regarding headstone repair 

All headstone repairs are arranged by Graham Walker, our Expert Headstone Consultant. You can call Graham on 020 8501 1735 to make an appointment to visit him at Hainault & Chigwell Funeral Home, or any other of our funeral homes in Collier Row, Harold Wood and Harold Hill, or request a home visit.


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Please contact us at any of our four funeral homes, Harold Hill, Hainault, Harold Wood, Collier Row, for any queries, support or advice regarding the funeral planning process.