Coffin Sprays, Lettering and other Floral Tributes

Can funeral flowers be ordered as part of the funeral service?

Yes.  We work directly with good local independent florists.

Are funeral flowers necessary?

Funeral flowers aren’t compulsory.  Some families prefer to have no flowers on a coffin, or just one or two tributes – and ask mourners to make an in memory charitable donation at the service, or through an on-line giving page.

I do want flowers for the coffin – what do I choose from and how much do they cost?

  • Coffin top flowers are called “Coffin Sprays” from one foot to six foot in length.  Mixed flower sprays cost £40 per foot, and one colour or one type of flower e.g. roses cost £50 a foot.

  • Individual letters come in white colour with ribbon colour backgrounds at £40 each, or with a colour spray at £50 each, or coloured flowers £50 each.

  • Wreaths, crosses and other religious symbols cost from £60 (small), £120 (medium), £180 (large).

  • All special designs cost from £120 and can be discussed individually.

Other information

It’s ok to ask for flowers to be delivered to the funeral directors so they arrive with the coffin on the hearse.  Sometimes there are more flowers from other family and friends that they are placed on top of the hearse and limousines if ordered.  It’s ok to ask for flowers to be delivered to the address where a hearse is meeting family.

Single stem roses are sometimes placed on coffins as people leave the funeral service. Floral tributes can be taken home straight.

If it’s a burial service All flowers will be placed on the grave by the operatives backfilling after the service.  They will stay there until either cemetery/churchyard operatives or family remove.  When the weather is cold, flowers can stay in good condition for a week or more.

If it’s a cremation service

It’s ok for families to take flowers to a funeral reception and/or home after a funeral service.  It’s also ok to take them over to a family grave if the cemetery is across the way.