Funeral Floristry

For many families and loved ones, funeral flowers are a special and personal way to pay respect at a funeral service, during a burial or at a cremation. They provide an opportunity for mourners to leave one final message as they say goodbye to their loved one.  They can be customised and personalised as much as you like.

Funeral Floristry

Your chosen bespoke funeral flowers can be delivered to us so that they will arrive at the funeral service with the coffin, or they can be sent to the location where the hearse will meet the family, usually at a house or sometimes straight to the place of service.

Funeral floristry is an extremely personal funeral service and there are many different arrangements to choose from. That’s why we work with trusted local independent florists to ensure that you receive the bespoke funeral flowers that suit and honour your loved one the most. 

Funeral Flowers at a Burial

At a burial service, Some family members may wish to bury special or bespoke funeral flowers with the coffin.

Any other funeral flowers will be placed on top of the grave by the operatives backfilling the grave following the burial. These may remain here until family members, friends or cemetery operatives come to remove them. In some weather conditions, such as in the cold, funeral flowers can last up to a week. 

Funeral Flowers at a Cremation

All flowers are placed in an outdoor viewing area with your loved one’s name, and left for at least 2 nights before being composted where possible, or your instructions followed eg if you have given permission to display them in another public area.

At a cremation, coffin top flowers, funeral wreaths and other floral tributes can be taken by friends and family members home or to the funeral reception after a funeral service. Additionally, some family members choose to take floral tributes from a cremation to a family grave if it is located close by. 

Coffin top flowers

Also known as coffin sprays, coffin top flowers can carry from one foot to six foot in length and can be made up of just one type of flower or a mixture of different flowers and colours. 

Funeral lettering

Many families choose to pay tribute to their loved ones with floral lettering. These can be customised to include different flowers for each letter, or can be made in one uniform colour.

Funeral Flower Wreaths

Funeral wreaths can be customised to your wishes, taking a either a traditional form. Alternatively, they can take a special form, such as a religious symbol. 

Single Stem Roses 

Single stem roses are sometimes placed on coffins as people are leaving the funeral service and can be buried with the coffin or taken home after a burial or cremation is over.