Simple Funerals

Simple Funerals in Essex

Simple funerals can be an affordable option for those who don’t want a direct or unattended funeral, but who would prefer to incorporate fewer of the practices associated with a traditional funeral into the day. At Harold Wood Funeral Services, we can help you arrange a simple but meaningful funeral for your loved one. 

What is a simple funeral?

Generally speaking, a simple funeral involves an attended service at a crematorium, but without the expense of a procession. A simple funeral tends to be less expensive but will have a lot in common with a traditional funeral

The Benefits of a Simple Funeral


Here are our answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding simple funerals, but if you would like to find out more, don’t hesitate to contact a member of our team.

Simple funerals forgo customs such as using a hearse to transport the coffin and tend to be straightforward and easy-to-organise events. The traditional funeral service will be included in a simple funeral, but in general, they are defined by uncomplicated arrangements, less elaborate coffins and fewer ancillary services.

Costs will be lower if the funeral is at the start or the end of a working day.

Funerals are evolving, and people are more willing to express their wishes about what they want from their own funeral by leaving instructions to their families. Simple funerals are often requested by the deceased to decrease the stress and cost on their families.

In other circumstances, a family may feel a simple funeral is the best way to pay tribute to the person who has passed. A simple funeral can take some of the worries out of funeral planning and allow families and individuals to focus on the parts of the ceremony that are most important to them.

Knowing whether a simple funeral is right for you and your family is a personal decision. A simple funeral involves the essential elements of a funeral without any unnecessary elements, giving you the chance to forgo customs if you don’t relate to or feel they are inappropriate.

For those who want to arrange a ‘celebration of life’ event according to their own preferences, and minimise the spent funeral planning, simple funerals offer a low-stress, low-cost way to create a ceremony that most suits their needs.

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