What Are The Responsibilities Of An Independent Funeral Director?

Funeral directors are indispensable to local communities, with local funeral homes acting as important figures throughout history. They behave as a friendly hand to hold, the people who will plan the details of your loved one’s funeral, as well as the person you will go to in order to get expert advice on your local […]

How Has COVID Affected Funeral Directors

Whether it’s financial losses, the inability to provide the right support, or constant changes to legislation that directly affects the funeral industry, the last year and a half has been one pathed in much stress and the need for adaptability.

How Has Pandemic Grief Changed the World?

Psychologists and experts have long discussed the impact of such an event on our mental health, but how have our attitudes changed now that we have been in the midst of this so-called ‘pandemic grief’ for a year?

Does Being Open About Grief Help Us To Mourn?

How exactly does being open about one’s grief and loss help others with their mourning process, and why is it so important that we hear more about these experiences, not just from celebrities and public figures, but from those closest to us?

Dealing With Grief During Times of Happiness

When the death of someone close to you occurs around any sort of special occasion, it’s easy to resign yourself to the fact that you’ll never be able to enjoy that particular date in quite the same way again.

Dealing With the Guilt of Grief

Grief and bereavement are complicated emotions and experiences that will affect us all differently. It is far more common than most people think for us to feel a sense of guilt after someone dies, even though we may have no idea where that guilt comes from. Sometimes, this guilt may be perfectly founded; the result […]

What Are Your Legal Funeral Rights and Responsibilities

While getting your head around the legal specifics may not be a sure way to prevent arguments from occurring during what is certainly going to be an emotionally charged period of time, it can at least help to mitigate the possibilities of misunderstandings and misinformation.

How to Pay for a Funeral

Planning an affordable way of saying goodbye to your loved one is going to involve some of the most important decisions you’re likely to make.