Traditional Funerals

Funeral Costs & Pricing

Whatever kind of funeral you need, whether it be a cremation, a burial or an unattended service, Harold Wood Funeral Services can help you organise a funeral at the right cost for you, with the local knowledge and care of seven decades of dedication. 

Personal Service & Modest Fees

All funeral directors are legally required to publish a standardised price list to help you consider your options and compare fees, and this list can act as a handy guide. However, every funeral is unique, and if you would like a personalised quote that offers you the best possible price for you and your loved ones, please get in touch today

Please note that all example cremation funeral packages are given including example third-party costs. 
Prices are all based on full payment at least 7 days in advance. 

Direct / ‘Pure’ Style / Unattended / ‘Sunrise’ Local Cremation

From £1795 inclusive.

*All our services are local and personal.  You have many choices not available with including the type of coffin, your loved one being dressed in their own clothes, ability to visit your loved one in one of our local chapels of rest, see the hearse leave or go into the crematorium front door with a uniformed conductor and driver, and even go inside the crematorium chapel to final farewells.

*Another ‘half-way’ between this type of funeral and a traditional funeral is a church service followed by an early direct cremation the following morning.

Third-Party Costs might include:

  • Fees for where service takes place e.g. crematorium, church, cemetery chapel
  • Priest or celebrant
  • Doctor’s cremation paper legal fees
  • Grave opening and purchase

Due to individual requirements as well as third-party costs, all final funeral package prices will be given upon individual consultation. Please make sure to get in touch for a personal quote. This is especially important for burials, for which costs vary widely.

Lower Cost Cremation  ‘Packages’ – ‘At Need’:

Services/Items‘AT NEED’ Service Type
  ‘AT NEED’ (WITH NO PRE-PAID PLAN)INCLUSIVE Sunrise Direct Service* NO MOURNERS/ 8 MOURNERSINCLUSIVE Start of Day 9.45am Short Service**INCLUSIVE Mid morn/aft 11am/3.30pm ****INCLUSIVE Trad Mid morn/aft 11am/3.30pm Meet at Home Limousine****
Terms – Paid in full one week before service***
Private Ambulance conveyance from a local hospital to our Hilldene Funeral Home in office hours within 20 miles
Administration with applicant at home, office or phone
Simple coffin, care and dressing of deceased, closed lid chapel of rest appointment if wanted (Open coffin and other coffins can be arranged at extra cost)
Mercedes Hearse Hire, Uniformed Staff
Local Return of Ashes in standard cardboard container (Other urns can be chosen at extra cost)
Family meet hearse at crematorium
Hearse/6 Passenger Limousine to local home
Minister or Celebrant to deliver service
Ability to add other services/items

*Early morning at Forest Park Crematorium, Hainault, Essex IG6. 
£200 can be attended for 10 min 8 mourner max attendance. Other crematoria available at extra cost.

**At City of London Crematorium, London E12, 25 minute service. 
Other crematoria available at extra cost, some with longer services.

****Manor Park Crematorium

Assumes that funerals are carried out within 21 days of death.  Further mortuary care charges may apply at our discretion.

‘AT NEED’ – In all cases NOT included:

  • £82 medical certificate if applies.
  • Emergency private ambulance to place of death if not in hospital, £275 at all times.
  • Limousines can be added at extra cost.  Different packages may apply.
  • Any other service not mentioned, which in most cases can be added except for ‘Direct’.
  • Preparation of deceased for open coffin from £220.
  • Burial costs are very individual – please ask for an appointment.

Other company costs could include: 

  • Emergency local home removal costs £275, bariatric supplementary costs, choice of body and cosmetic preparation and preservation £220+.
  • Optional services like limousine hire, service booklets, floristry, horses, doves etc. Ask for a quotation.
  • Removal on behalf of other funeral directors. Within 15 miles £325 all circumstances.  16 miles+ £450 per half day travel and £75 per day mortuary care from first day. Restricted to SAIF/NAFD member funeral directors.

Special Cases

Deceased bodies left to medical science 

(As per standardised pricing)

Baby/Stillborn/Pregnancy Loss/Children’s Funerals

We provide a simple and sympathetic service at no charge up to age 17 including stillborn and other pregnancy loss.  Definition of ‘Local’ at our discretion, usually a 5 mile radius of our funeral homes.

This includes our own basic company services for transportation from a local hospital, a simple casket or coffin, one limousine and a hearse (if wanted) to a funeral service on a day and time at a mutually convenient time.

  • Provided – a simple white baby caskets (rectangular) or simple white coffin with silver coloured fittings and white interiors to the value of £300 covered by either a non-means tested government or company grant.  Other coffins and caskets are available – brochures and prices on application are also subject to the subsidy.
  • A Government Grant through the Child Funeral Fund (cover essential local cremation and cemetery costs except for early pre-natal not defined as ‘stillborn.’  However, most local crematoria will not charge a fee.
  • Every cemetery and crematoria have their own set of additional reduced or waived fees for other costs e.g. webcasts, chapel hire, visual tributes (slide shows).
  • Most faith ministers will not usually charge fees, but independent celebrants may do.
  • £195 is charged for London/outer Essex hospital and mortuary collections plus current rate Congestion and ULEZ charges.  Further out of area travel collections or non-local funeral services – costs on application.
  • Any extra fees are payable to ourselves 7 days in advance.

International  (Inward/Outward) Coffin Repatriation 


  • When someone dies abroad on holiday or business often an insurance would cover bringing the deceased to our funeral home and our regular pricing covers extra administration, except sometimes for certificate translation around £200 extra.  
  • When no insurance cover is available we can also help at competitive rates.


  • We offer a very local and competitively priced outward international funeral airline repatriation service
  • Flight prices change frequently so please ask us for an estimate which can be produced quickly.
  • Our local mortuary and chapels of rest can be used and we can help with all local church service needs. 
  • We can also help prepare deceased for onward road travel abroad where home country funeral directors require only some of our assistance.

Homicide/Murder Victims

Main service fee waived (or refunded), all other fees payable in advance

Third party costs extra, all payable in advance. Further financial assistance available from ‘Victim Support.’

Deaths In Prison Or In Police Custody

Main service fee is reduced to £1495, all other fees payable.

Third party costs extra, all payable in advance. Authorities currently pay around £3,000 contribution.