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You do not need to have registered a death at the appropriate Registrars in order to begin making funeral arrangements with us. We do need the certificate for burial or cremation (a green form) – issued by the Registrar alongside death certificates – as soon as you have registered, or if the coroner becomes involved, we’ll advise you whether we might be able to collect necessary forms on your behalf.

Here’s a helpful leaflet to give you some inspiration HWFS My Wishes Known

Please ask for a paper version if you need.

We will ask you to choose different elements of the funeral, and offer advice to you if you have not already decided upon – such questions as:

  • Will there be a burial or a cremation?

  • For burials is there is an existing grave you would like to use and is permission available from the grave owner?

  • Would anyone in the family like to view the Deceased in an open coffin in a chapel of rest?

  • If you have a celebrant or minister in mind, what sort of person would you like to lead the service (it does not have to be a religious service)? And what do you want in the service?

  • Where would you like the service to be held, and would you like it longer than 30 minutes?

  • What kind of music would you like within the service? For example, the gathering’s entry, reflection, sung hymns if wanted, committal curtains at a cremation (curtains are optional), and exit – high quality recorded music of your choice is often provided at crematorium chapels; you may like an organist or other musician (sometimes extra fees are involved); do family and friends want to make a spoken or read contribution at the service?

Please note – All these points can also be discussed more thoroughly with a celebrant/minister.

  • Do you want a donations box made available at the service for charitable contributions?

  • Where would you like our Mercedes hearse to meet you and your family; do you need any limousines (each seats 6 people comfortably); and where do you plan to go when the service is over?

  • What type of coffin or casket you would like to choose? (You can look at our website page in advance for different designs).

  • What time of the day you would consider? Funerals often start any time from 8.30am to 4.30pm if a cremation, for burials maybe from 9.45am to 2.30pm depending on daylight; funerals can cost considerably less if they start before 10am, especially for cremations; some costs are increased if you choose a service longer than 30 minutes, or have a service in a church, and then go on to a cemetery or crematorium a distance away, or if you choose a possible weekend time – Having a late morning or mid afternoon funeral can be better for timing lunch rather than midday services.

  • Would you like an announcement in one of our local Recorder newspaper (we offer a small announcement free of charge)? A commemorative website entry for 11 months is usually included.

  • Do you need an invoice in advance of the funeral so that it can be taken directly to the Deceased’s bank with a Death Certificate for release of funeral expenses, thus benefitting from an early payment discount?

  • If you already have a time planned or booked to visit a Registrar, (see further on) it will be easier to make a definite funeral booking as paperwork deadlines will be easier to predict, (often around a week, but can be sooner or later, depending on many variables, where family wishes are taken into account).

  • Two signatories are usually needed for our forms, with identification, so it is useful for at least two responsible people to attend – one of whom should be an executor if possible, or next of kin. Applicants must be aged 18 or over. Please let us know if the next of kin is in receipt of DWP benefits or is in full-time education, or not a UK resident, so we can advise properly.

Please let us know if you would like a home visit by calling us on: 0800-731-1855.